From business strategy to permanent support, we offer mobile applications that fit into your business strategy. Whether it's integrated iOS / Android development services or Flutter / React development services on multiple platforms, the whole life cycle of your the product will thrive.

We design mobile application development for iOS and Android. We develop native and cross-platform mobile applications. To boost downloads, we help you optimise your product for better App Store and Store rankings.

With iOS and ANDROID mobile apps, we help you reach the new generation of users by giving them easy access to essential information for them. Mobile applications can be integrated with web applications, thus making the most of the benefits of interconnectivity. Mobile applications can be used for various reasons with web applications or websites, generating sales growth or operational activities.
We develop mobile applications with a result-based methodology: in-depth analysis, ergonomic design and development based on the latest technology in the field.

Processes of your project

01. The idea or concept of design

We start implementing the product concept with a planning stage. It consists of screening the idea, deep market research, business strategy analysis and brainstorming for a valuable proposition.

02. Evaluation

We estimate the project based on its complexity, the number of screens, the staff involved and the deadlines.

03. Proposal

At this stage, we offer a proposal (option) or more on how we will solve your business problem. This means you will receive a proposal with set deadlines, clear objectives and mobile application development.

04. Designing

We know that your users demand results. They want your application to load quickly and easily. We therefore offer unique, time-saving design solutions, simplify user journeys and minimize interactions. We follow Apple's human interface guidelines and Google material design.

05. Development

At Sinergo, we have set a high quality of service development. Thus, while developing mobile applications, we focus on specific technologies to make your product fast, responsive, scalable, safe and easy to use.

06. Testing

Our quality testing engineers work side by side with product managers, programmers and designers. They perform the test after the completion of each stage, to ensure that your product is bug free and works smoothly.

07. Support

Our cooperation does not end with the launch of the app. You will receive technical support and continuous updates after launching the product.


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